Configurar Google Consent Mode v2

What’s Google Consent Mode V2?

To comply with the current cookie regulations while simultaneously not losing data, we need to activate Consent Mode v2.

Google Consent Mode v2 is a framework designed to integrate the consent preferences of a website’s visitors with Google’s advertising and analytics tools. With Consent Mode v2, even if users do not give their consent to cookies, Google services can function with limited access and collect basic interactions without violating privacy expectations.

Why do we need to set up Google Consent Mode V2?

If we access Analytics linked to Google Ads and we access the platform before doing anything, we will see several notices indicating that we are missing some action:

Google Consent Mode v2

This action consists of indicating that we have the consent of the users to collect data from their visits to use it for analytics and advertising.

Not having this consent, according to Google, can influence the personalization and measurement of ads.

How to set up Google Consent Mode v2?

We can manually configure Google Consent Mode v2 by setting the operation of Google tags and others according to user preferences.

However, it is easier to do it through CMPs (Consent Management Platforms).

Google’s recommended partners allow us to make the entire configuration in a simpler way. We can find the list of recommended partners at

Through any of these platforms, we can configure Consent Mode v2 without problems and comply with all legal requirements and Google’s.

Example of Google Consent Mode v2 setup with Cookiebot

  1. In the “Domains & Aliases” section, add the domain where we need to apply Consent Mode v2.
  2. Within the “Configuration” section, set up the cookie notice to meet our requirements.
  3. Follow the instructions in the “Implementation” section to implement the cookie notice on our website. We can do it directly on the website (WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Webflow, PrestaShop, etc.) or with Google Tag Manager.

Once done, we’ll need to wait a few hours (1-2 days) until Analytics detects the correct implementation of Consent Mode v2 and displays it on the platform:

Configurar Google Consent Mode v2